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  • Gas vs. Electric Water Heaters: Which Is Right for You?

    There are pros and cons to both gas and electric water heaters. The question is, which is the best choice for you? Of course to make a truly informed decision, you’ll need to speak with your personal plumber in Gilbert . Our team at Leak Dr. Plumbing would be happy to answer your questions and to help you make the choice that is best for you and for your family. Pros of Electric Water Heaters Pros ...
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  • 10 Ways to Save Money on Your Water Heating Bill This Winter

    The first day of winter, December 22, is just around the corner! Even in the East Valley, where the temperature doesn’t drop too low, we can still feel the change in the weather. Unfortunately, that chill factor can also show up in a place we don’t want to see it: Our water heating bills! In light of this, smart homeowners can take steps to protect their budget during the chilly winter months. ...
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  • 3 Misconceptions About Your Garbage Disposal

    Your garbage disposal is a convenient luxury in modern homes. It helps keep your kitchen free of rotting food scraps and makes disposing of old leftovers a breeze. However, the garbage disposal is also fairly misunderstood. In doing a quick internet search for common misconceptions about garbage disposals, we found more than a few bits of misinformation—even from trustworthy sources! Here are the ...
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  • Preparing Your Plumbing for the Holidays

    There are few things that can send the holiday cheer crashing down: the turkey catching on fire in the oven, your favorite football team losing the big game, and worst of all, your toilet or kitchen sink getting clogged up. The holiday season is filled with plenty of delicious food and visiting friends and family—two things that can give your plumbing system a decent amount of trouble. Before ...
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  • How to Locate Your Sewer Line

    As a homeowner, you will need to know where the sewer lines are located outside of your home when confronted with any issues involving serious clogs or breaks. Since all of your indoor drains are connected to the central drain pipe, which runs out of your house and into the municipal sewer system, it's vital to know where your sewer lines are located. While you can check with the previous ...
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  • What to Do If Your Toilet Keeps Clogging

    Does your toilet keep getting clogged? If so, we understand that this can be a very frustrating and messy problem to deal with on a regular basis. Toilets are designed to flush regular toilet paper, and no other items such as cigarette butts, cat litter, paper towels, prescription medications, etc. When these items do get flushed they can easily get caught up inside the toilet bowl trap, or worse, ...
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  • How to Fix a Water Heater

    When your water heater breaks, it is often difficult to determine the source of the problem and whether or not the entire heater needs to be replaced. Fortunately, depending on what is causing the problem, it may be possible to simply replace certain parts rather than the whole system. In the past, you may have been much too intimidated to fix your water heater on your own. That is all about to ...
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