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3 Misconceptions About Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal is a convenient luxury in modern homes. It helps keep your kitchen free of rotting food scraps and makes disposing of old leftovers a breeze. However, the garbage disposal is also fairly misunderstood. In doing a quick internet search for common misconceptions about garbage disposals, we found more than a few bits of misinformation—even from trustworthy sources! Here are the 3 most common misconceptions we found about garbage disposals.

Myth: Use Ice Cubes to Sharpen Your Blades

More than a few sources we found said that if your garbage disposal isn’t working as efficiently, you might have dulled blades. Here’s the issue with that advice: your garbage disposal doesn’t use sharp blades to begin with! Or rather, it does not depend on sharpness to work.

Garbage disposals work by using metal lugs known as “impellers” to push waste against grinders that form the wall of the garbage disposal. Putting ice or similarly-textured materials down your garbage disposal is wasteful at best—and potentially damaging to your equipment at worst!

Myth: Use Lemons to Clean Your Garbage Disposal

We recently saw a post where a site recommended using lemons to clean your garbage disposal. While using lemon rinds isn’t harmful for your garbage disposal, simply putting them down the drain will not clean it. The best it will do is make it smell better—and if that’s all you want, all the better.

To clean your disposal, make sure it is unplugged from any power source. Use a mild cleaner, like a soap and water solution, and spray the inside of the disposal. Clean the inside of it by scrubbing thoroughly. Lemon rinds can help with the smell, but old-fashioned scrubbing will do the job better.

Myth: As Long as It Works, the Pipe Is Clear

Many homeowners continue to put the wrong foods in their garbage disposal, causing problematic buildups. However, that doesn’t mean that your garbage disposal will not keep working. If your garbage disposal keeps leaving food in the hopper, you are likely facing an impending clog.

If your disposal system is working less effectively than usual, then consider calling a plumber to take a look at it. In fact, if you feel the need to get rid of the smell of rotting food with a lemon, the real issue might be clogged food waste. Be sure to stop using your garbage disposal until a professional can take a look and clear your pipes. This way, you can prevent further damage and odors.

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