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How to Locate Your Sewer Line

As a homeowner, you will need to know where the sewer lines are located outside of your home when confronted with any issues involving serious clogs or breaks. Since all of your indoor drains are connected to the central drain pipe, which runs out of your house and into the municipal sewer system, it's vital to know where your sewer lines are located.

While you can check with the previous homeowner, or ask neighbors if they have any knowledge of sewer line placement, the most accurate way to zero in on the exact location of your sewer line is to check with your municipality.

As plumbing contractors, we need to know exactly how long a sewer line is, how deep it is, and where our repairs are to begin and end. We also need to know if we will run into any obstacles when trenching. Without knowing these facts, we're simply guessing.

The easiest way to find a lost sewer that is either too deep to locate, or too plugged with obstructions that are blocking the camera's path is to check with the municipality.

There are many municipalities that will happily give you this information over the phone. For those that don't offer this service, you will have to go down to the department of building and safety and go to the help counter for their engineering department.

All they'll need is your home address, then they will head off to the map archive room to retrieve the information you need. A few short minutes later, they'll have a sewer map of your neighborhood. They'll be able to pinpoint where your property line ends so you can rule out where sewer lines cannot be placed.

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