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What to Do If Your Toilet Keeps Clogging

Does your toilet keep getting clogged? If so, we understand that this can be a very frustrating and messy problem to deal with on a regular basis. Toilets are designed to flush regular toilet paper, and no other items such as cigarette butts, cat litter, paper towels, prescription medications, etc. When these items do get flushed they can easily get caught up inside the toilet bowl trap, or worse, they can cause a partial clog or even a complete toilet line stoppage.

If you have infants or toddlers, you probably know all too well what it's like to watch crayons, toy cars, pens, and everything in between get flushed away before you have time to catch the little one in action.

If you have just moved into a house and have never flushed anything besides toilet paper, then the previous residents may have passed along a pre-existing toilet problem along with the house keys.

If you've already attempted plunging and a plumbing snake, and the pesky clog continues to resist your efforts, then you'll have to take greater measures. You'll probably need to have your toilet pulled up, which takes several hours because you need to turn off and unhook the water supply and partially disassemble the toilet. Chances are, this will allow you to get to the problem.

However, if your toilet is clogged and waste water is coming up from the tub, this usually means that you have a clog in the main sewer line. In such cases, you want to call Leak Dr. Plumbing to help you clear the main sewer line. If you feel that your toilet clog is beyond your comfort zone or DIY capabilities, we can ensure that your bathroom is back in service fast, even if you do have a major blockage!

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