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Preparing Your Plumbing for the Holidays

There are few things that can send the holiday cheer crashing down: the turkey catching on fire in the oven, your favorite football team losing the big game, and worst of all, your toilet or kitchen sink getting clogged up. The holiday season is filled with plenty of delicious food and visiting friends and family—two things that can give your plumbing system a decent amount of trouble.

Before Thanksgiving food comas and Christmas cheer stuff up your plumbing, make sure you call on the skilled plumbing team at Leak Dr. Plumbing to get your system in line! We can help you prevent clogs or fix them as soon as they come up! 

Tips for Keeping Your Holidays Running Smoothly

You may not even realize it, but your plumbing plays a crucial role in the success of your holidays! From cooking the perfect turkey to enjoying plenty of eggnog during December, you want to ensure your plumbing is ready to take on the extra pressure.

A few tips for keeping your kitchen drain unclogged:

  1. Avoid putting starchy foods like potato peels in your disposal
  2. Throw stringy vegetables and corn husks in the trash instead
  3. Don’t put rice, grains, or pastas down the disposal
  4. Run water when you are using the disposal
  5. Don’t try to put large amounts of food down the drain—keep it small

How to make sure your toilet is ready for the challenge:

  1. Watch out for partial clogs that may normally go unnoticed
  2. Remind guests to only flush toilet paper (limited amounts), no napkins, toys, or other objects
  3. Know your toilet’s limit—if everyone is rushing in one after another, it may cause trouble
  4. Listen to make sure your toilet is running after it should have stopped

Keep all the guests happy with plenty of hot water by:

  1. Spacing showers out by about 15 minutes (if you have a tankless water heater, disregard)
  2. Avoiding running the dishwasher or washing machine early in the morning
  3. Keeping the bathroom door closed and the vent on to keep it warm 
  4. Making showers short—no need to waste the day away using all the hot water 

Don’t let plumbing problems ruin your holidays this year! If you run into any plumbing issues or want to make sure that your system is ready for this busy season, you can always reach out to our East Valley plumbing experts!

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