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Gas vs. Electric Water Heaters: Which Is Right for You?

There are pros and cons to both gas and electric water heaters. The question is, which is the best choice for you? Of course to make a truly informed decision, you’ll need to speak with your personal plumber in Gilbert. Our team at Leak Dr. Plumbing would be happy to answer your questions and to help you make the choice that is best for you and for your family.

Pros of Electric Water Heaters

Pros of electric water heaters as opposed to gas water heaters include:

  • Electric water heaters are easier to install and cheaper to install
  • Electric water heaters are more user friendly and function more easily
  • Electric water heaters are safer since they do not involve the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Electric water heaters last longer, on average

Pros of Gas Water Heaters:

Pros of gas water heaters as opposed to electric water heaters include:

  • Gas water heaters are more efficient than electric water heaters, and will probably result in cheaper monthly bills
  • Gas water heaters are more technologically advanced
  • Gas water heaters often have better rebate opportunities attached
  • Gas water heaters utilize cheaper fuel
  • Gas water heaters have better performance rates

Are These My Only Options?

Well, technically, you have four options when it comes to water heaters. In addition to gas water heaters and electric water heaters, you could opt for an oil water heater or propane water heater. Oil water heaters are not very popular anymore, however. This method of heating your water is a lot more expensive than the other options. If you live in an old house where oil water heating is already being used, it might make sense to keep your water heating system set-up as-is. If you are ready to upgrade, gas or electric can help you save in the long run.

As for propane, this could be a good option and an alternative if you do not have access to natural gas. If you want gas heating but don’t have a natural gas line, no worries! Just opt for propane. You can install a propane tank and the results will be very similar. Again, the best way to make a decision about your water heater is to speak directly with a trusted plumber about all of your options, and then to make a decision from there.

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Our team of plumbers is happy to answer your questions about water heaters. If you’re looking to install a new water heater, it’s a smart move—today’s models are highly advanced and can actually save you as much as 20% in energy costs per year. Be sure to ask us about exciting new innovations in the field, including tankless water heaters.

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